Monday, May 3, 2010

Less than 3 weeks !

I had a great run in the game lands on Saturday.  A little over 21 miles in a little under four hours.  I realize that this is not fast, but if I were to continue at that pace, and it felt good, I would travel 150 miles in 30 hours.  I don;t see that happening, but 120 would be awesome.  I am continuing to get ready, and others are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as well.  Alice, Jeff, Molly and I talked logistics on Friday night and got some things sorted out for getting support together and getting me from point A to point B during the day.  I plan to visit several schools and really need to get this scheduled with them so that they know when to expect me.  I'm so happy that they are dealing with this, their minds can wrap around it so much better than mine can.
Steve and Steve from 3WZ interviewed me this morning on air.  I hope it went well.  I love getting the word out about the impact of diabetes and the efforts that people must put forth to stay healthy.  I can only hope that my small efforts are doing some good.
I received several contributions by check in the past few days.  Bob and Betty, Gwen and Travis, Ralph and Flo, Mary and Robert, Betty and Harris, Tom (one of my fifth grade teachers), and Restek Corporation all made very generous and kind contributions.  Thanks you all so much!
I have had literally dozens of visitors to the site over the past few days.  I am excited about the attention the run is receiving and hope that these visits produce more donations to fund research for a cure.  Is that a hint?  Yes, it is :)  That is the whole point of this project !
More soon.

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