Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Day After Yesterday

I had thought several times before, and during, the run about whether I would emerge a changed man.  Would I be more patient?  More insightful?  Believe that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound?  As far as I can tell, none of the above is true.  What I can tell is that I have many people around me who care deeply about me and who are extremely unselfish in their willingness to help accomplish my goals.  I cannot thank these people enough for taking such good care of me during the days and night of my run (and all of the events leading up to it),

Molly, Alice and Jeff, I can never say thank you enough.  I know you care about me, you have to, but you don't have to care nearly as much as you do, or do it so well.  I really love you, and appreciate you.  You all ran a great show and had everything ready to go as needed and to keep me up throughout.

Tim, I've got to say how incredibly glad I am that you were there through the night.  I don't make the effort I should as a big brother.  I am so very glad that you were able to share this experience with me.  It will be something we can always share.  In fact, you will probably have to tell me about some of the behind-the-scenes activities and conversations that went on while I was out running or simply out of my head.

Pat, John D., and Pete, thanks for putting up with me all the time, but especially thanks for during this project.  You provided exactly the amount of guidance, patience, and provocation as needed.  I know some hours were easier than others, or maybe I should say that some were harder than others.  It all depends on your point of view.

Gregg, that tool box of yours changed who I was beginning at 6:00 PM and continuing on and on.  The roller, conditioner, and liquid energy were just what the doctor ordered.

Ron, Kyle, Clinton, John M., Karen and Mark, Bob, Andy, Bass, Steve M., Steve C.,David G., Joe, Dale, Cody, Jessie, Riley, and Jim, thanks for running, walking, talking, distracting, and encouraging me at all the various points of the day and night.  I never experienced the emotional low points I expected because of your enthusiasm, kindness, and generosity.

Thanks to Scott DeShong and Nell Herrmann for getting the kids out to see me during the day.  It was wonderful to talk with the kids and extremely motivating during what would have been a very hot and tiring day.  Helping students understand diabetes, its causes and effects is a huge part of the purpose of this run.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.

Jabco-Maggi Mitsubishi was so generous in providing a support vehicle for Molly to drive.  It was so nice to arrive at a site and have a change of clothes, drinks, snacks, and a beautiful smile.  The willingness of this dealership to reach out to the community is indicative of the men who own the business.

Bruce, Heath, Rachel, Mary Ellen, and Allison, you are so wonderful!  I really enjoyed seeing you smiling faces and hearing your words of encouragement !  The posters you made are wonderful !  I looked at them over and over again throughout the night and morning.  Every time I returned to the church was an opportunity to to see them and to get excited all over all over again.  I love you so much.

The students at Park Forest Middle School did an awesome job raising funds for JDRF and having a lot of fun at the same time.  The way you all embraced this project and supported me is an honor.

Thanks to the Lutz family, the Yeomans family, Beth F., Kathy D., and others (I'll have to add some more here, I'm certain.) for coming to the church or for seeking me out along the course and providing treats, and company for me.  Your enthusiasm helped recharge me and keep me going strong.

I'm so thankful to all who helped make this project possible.  I'm certain I missed many people, and will try to post another time soon to add to the list.

By the way, we did make over 100 miles in the first 29 hours and I will add a photo taken at the 100 mile point as well as one at the end of 30 hours.  The reception I received at Lubrano Park was overwhelming.  I am so blessed by Christ my Savior to be honored by all of you.
Stay tuned, I will write more about the experience and the incredible contributions JDRF will receive form the 30-hour run donors in the days and weeks to come.  This is too big to quit now.

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