Friday, May 14, 2010

Jabco Generosity

I just had to make a special post tonight about the generosity of Jabco-Maggi Mitsubishi.  After sharing their radio advertising time with me to talk about JDRF, they donated $50 for each car that they sold from that Thursday until Saturday at closing.  Today, I picked up the check from them and John asked, if Molly would mind driving a new Mitsubishi as a support vehicle on Friday and Saturday.  Would we mind?!!?These are some awesome looking cars!  I know they are well built because of the reliability ratings by Consumer Reports and because they are willing to back them up with amazing warranties.
There is only one disappointing thing about it - Molly gets to drive and I have to run.  Oh well, she is the motorhead in the family anyway!
Thanks so much to John Jabco and Todd Maggi.

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