Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I met with Senator Jake Corman to discuss the run.  It was a nice meeting in which I asked him for ideas about fundraising and publicity for the event.  He stated that he would be very happy to put his name with the effort because of the great cause that it is supporting.  I am looking forward to January when we begin to push for some media attention for the event.
I have been looking at insulin pump/continuous glucose monitors (cgm) recently.  The idea of having a data point every 5 minutes instead of every few hours is great.  People using the cgm can see exactly how different activities affect their body's use of of insulin and glucose.  Highs and lows can be treated immediately, before they are even noticeable in physical symptoms.  The cgm brings us one step closer to an artificial pancreas.  Although not a cure, the lessening of abnormal glucose levels decreases the long term effects of diabetes.  Animas is beginning a partnerships with DexCom to join their two devices and MedTronic looks to have a great product in existence as well.  Competition in the field is good for motivation to improve, and patients reap the benefits.
Over the weekend I had a great 2-hour run through the gamelands.  With 6 months to go before the JDRF event it is time to begin extending these long runs.  I will be out in the woods next week for deer season and, hopefully, pulling some weight through the woods to add strength training!
Huge thanks to Matt and Stefanie, Kathy, and Ann for their contributions.  We are moving forward!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2009


God is truly good!  I am so thankful for the support of my friends and family.  Today is the highest donation total to date and I am past the 4% mark in donations at the JDRF website.  I have other donations that have been pledged that I am not counting, but will show up when I send in the checks to the JDRF office.  Thanks to Matt and Stef and to Pat for their support.  Their generosity is overwhelming.
My runs the last couple of days have felt great and I am so happy that the weather is September-like.  I do like running in the dark, but it is way easier to do when it is 40-50º rather than 20-30º.
Thanks again for the support.  Your effort makes mine so much easier.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking Good - Thanks Illuminite!

Thanks so much to the folks at Illuminite!  In one of my early posts I reported having spoken with Tanya and praised her willingness to support my safety with a jacket from Illuminite.  Yesterday I got a package from her/them containing several products to help keep me visible to vehicles at night.  I wore the Olympic 2-in-1 this morning and know that I was seen by some of my neighbors because they flashed their lights to say hello.  I must say I feel loads better running in the dark when I know that I can be seen.  I don't like to be surprised when I am driving so I try not to scare anyone else either.
I sent out a lot of email pleas in the last couple of days.  I am happy to report that I have already received support in response to this email.  It is awkward, even for me, to ask for money during this time.  I really believe it is a worthwhile reason to feel uncomfortable.  I see the effects everyday on the lives of those with type 1 diabetes. Specifically I see Molly frustrated when she doesn't have the control she thinks she should have because of the effort and attention she gives.
Thanks for reading, your patience, and your generosity.
See you on the roads and on the trail.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Run Weekends

I am moving right along in training and fundraising.  Although the total on my JDRF page doesn't look too impressive today, it will be improving rapidly when the checks mailed yesterday get added.  I sent checks from Dr. Devlin, Dr. Doerfler, and Paul and Nancy Silvis to the JDRF office.  Huge thanks to these folks for their generosity.  Dr. Doerfler is my son's orthodontist and is extremely patient and kind.  Paul Silvis is the founder of Restek and now owns SilcoTek.  His businesses really value the employees.  Workout facilities and a beautiful atrium are examples of the extras Paul has included in the workplace to help provide a positive workplace environment.  I have been impressed with him throughout the 12 years I have been familiar with him.    I met Paul while I worked for South Hills School of Business and Technology and expanded the relationship when I had his son, Michael, in seventh grade grade science.
I am leaning toward having a raffle to raise funds.  I have had several businesses tell me that they can donate product much more easily than cash.  To make efficient use of resources, I anticipate that my helpers and I will be selling tickets for a chance to win some awesome prizes.  Stay tuned for exciting offers!
Training is going well. I had a super morning yesterday.  I started about 6 AM and watched the sun come up during a chilly (25º F) 2-hour run.  I probably got in 12 miles or so.  I hope to get in another 2 hours today.  Not so much hassle being in the woods on Sunday.  I don't like to mess up anyone's hunt by being in the woods on Saturday.  Pete ran the second hour with me and we had great, and really deep,  conversation.  I know he could have run further, but I really was ready to head to breakfast.  I was hungry!  This fall has been beautiful and today is no exception.  Get out an enjoy it.