Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disappointing - better times coming

Sunday was a low point.  I left the house at a bit before 4 AM and started on my weekend long run. Though it was chilly, I generated quite a lot of sweat which soaked my clothes pretty well.  At about 7 miles, I began to walk up a decent hill and chilled off quite a lot.  When I hit the top of the hill, I began to get crushed by the wind.  I started running and began to warm up a little, but not enough to prevent my chilling even further.  I was bright enough to start towards home without delay.  The further I went, the more brain dead I became until the only thing I could focus on was getting out of the wet clothes and in front of the fireplace (gas - instant heat).  I made it with little to spare.  I think it took a couple of hours to get back to what might pass for normal.
Since I missed that run, I will have to do a long one sometime this week, but not in the rain.  The later the week goes, the nicer it looks, so Thursday might be the day.
I started this post on Monday and had to stop to get some other things done.  The weather has broken and I am looking forward to a nice, long jaunt through the woods later today.  State College Magazine did a telephone interview with me over the weekend and she is going to meet my family and I later today to get some photos.  I hope that all comes out well.  I have to admit that I get a great feeling when the attention comes.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences as well as the nuisances experienced by diabetics.
We recently got a call from someone whose insulin pump was pushing out the entire vial of insulin when it was supposed to be priming.  Fortunately, it was not hooked up to the injection site, but I have read about a few individuals who have had a large volume of insulin injected through the same type of malfunction.  A nuisance rapidly becomes a tragedy in that situation.
There are some really neat events coming up in the near future. The Hyner Challenge is full, and promises to be another fantastic event.  The Ridgway Triathlon is the following week and consists of a 5 mile run, 15 mile bike, and 9 mile paddle.  I hope the weather cooperates this year. Last year was beautiful, but it is often pretty nasty.  I am looking forward to it.  If you have a 16 to 18 foot solo canoe you would like to loan me for to loan me, I certainly would not turn it down.  The paddle is, by far, the most challenging portion of the day.
Well, get out and go play!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long? Not today.

It seems strange to me that I could run for 15 miles (like I did today) and that would NOT count as a long run.  I had a really nice run today exploring the game lands, fortunately avoiding the rain for the most part.  I'm feeling good and looking forward to the next run.  I think that's a good thing.  I feel honored by the people who have so generously supported me.  It is humbling to have them respond to my requests this way.  I am so happy that the JDRF will benefit and pray that a cure can be found.  Sometimes it seems that that might be too much to ask, that simply better treatments might be a better way to hope.  I wish that I could share the anguish that I feel when I see and hear the frustration in Molly's voice and eyes for her high blood sugar readings. She can do the same thing two days in a row and get completely different results.  This is why I am doing what I'm doing.
Please help.  Send me an email, words of  support and encouragement.  I need them.
Thanks !

Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Months

Well, last week was awesome for fundraising!  I had an anonymous donor make a $250 gift to JDRF in support of the run.  Thanks so very, very much!  Your generosity is much appreciated.
Thanks also to the other generous contributors.  The Centre County Music Educators County Band and Choir Festival was this past weekend at Penns Valley.  Great job and congratulations to all of the kids, directors, and parent hosts.  Thanks to Joan and John, Jean and Jerry, Jo and Ed, Sam, and Dean for kindly and generously making donations to JDRF.
I am working hard to try and be even a little worthy of all the kind words of support and praise for the 30 hours run.  It seems like such a small thing when I hear of the trials long-time diabetics have to endure.  I praise God for the ability to draw attention to this dread disease and ask for support in search of a cure.

It is neat to think that I am running a marathon each week.  No, not total.  Each week I have been doing one run that is 26 miles or more.  Okay, so Saturday's run was 25.93 miles.  I don't want to misrepresent myself.  I just sort of figured I could round it off.  I'll do an extra .3 this week.  I'm feeling surprisingly good.  I am sleeping really well on run days and even stretch once in a while.  Weird !

We are now officially in springtime and the weather has been great.  It so much easier to get out when it is 40 degrees rather than 20 degrees.  Even getting out of the house at 4 AM doesn't seem as bad when you know the sun isn't that far away.  Sunrise on D-day is 5:49, so I will not be starting in the dark.  That makes me happy.  I am certain that I will have enough darkness overnight to deal with.  I'm pleased that I've got folks running with me to keep me motivated and safe.

I must be motivated.  I want to do speed work.  Maybe want is the wrong word, feel the need might be better.  Oh, well.  It is good to end with a joke :)

See you soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The weather is looking up for the rest of the week.  I am sure glad of that.  Saturday was pretty miserable for the two hour jaunt that I took.  I was downright shivery by the time I got back home.  Sunday was a bit better, not quite so much coming down.  I got in about 17 miles by taking the long way home from church.
I try to appreciate the challenges of some runs as though they are preparing me mentally for May, when I just need to keep moving forward for a long time.  
Thanks to Dean and Deb for the very generous contribution to JDRF.  I appreciate your words of encouragement and kindness.  Nancy, thanks for your donation and your cheery disposition.  You keep me on my toes everyday at school.
I'm nearly to 10% of the goal!  I was pleased to see the total balloon last week after the newspaper article.  I am continuing to get hits on the blog so I hope those translate into donations.  Hint, hint ;)  The run gets closer every day !  67 days and counting!
Last night on "Celebrity Apprentice," I admit that I watch it, Brett Michaels was the project manager.  He is a type 1 diabetic and had been since he was 6 years old.  His team won the challenge and afterward he said, "I managed my team well today, but I did not manage my diabetes very well."  He had low blood sugar during the challenge and had a pretty rough time for a while.  He raised $100,000 for the American Diabetes Association.  Congrats for that!
Well, I need more days of running in the coming weeks.  The distances and times (duration) have been progressing nicely, but I've not been super consistent.  I think I may try some long intervals one day each week to break out of this slow, slogging along that I'm doing.  I don't need the speed for the diabetes run, but the Ridgway triathlon is just around the corner.  I would like to make a good showing there this year.    It is "only" a 5 mile run, 15 mile bike, and a horrendously hard 9 mile paddle on the Clarion River.  It is a great day and I hope the weather is better than it usually is.  Last year was warm, but much more welcome than slow and rain and wind in the face during the paddle.
Drop me a line ! Come along on the run (sign up here)!  Invite your friends !

Monday, March 8, 2010

Centre Daily Times

The Centre Daily Times, our local newspaper here in State College, ran a really nice article on Type 1 diabetes yesterday.   It was nearly the whole front page of the Sunday paper and another full page on page nine.  I am pleased that the bottom of page nine was a nicely written story about the 30-hour run.  It ran across the whole width of the page and generated a lot of interest.  I had about 20 hits here on the blog and a few donations have already been made to JDRF.  I want to thank Barb, Pete, Steve, JoAnne and the Cutter Family for their generous contributions.  I hope that these are the beginning of a run, not much pun intended.
Panera Bread sent coupons good for a loaf of bread each month for one year.  I have other contributions waiting in the wings until I can put together a raffle.  I am still working on donations for prizes and getting tickets printed.  I think this will be a good way to raise some money and offer folks some good prizes in return.
I had a great run this morning. I got moving nice and early and was out for 5 hours.  I got in a little over 27 miles.  I have to admit that this was the second furthest run I've ever done.  Only the Tussey MountainBack was longer, albeit nearly twice as long. I am really pleased that I got in more than a marathon even before breakfast!  It is the rest of the day that will be interesting. I have to stay busy so that I don't crash and burn.  I am boiling maple sap and I need to go to the woods and empty the sap buckets.  It has really been a good spring for collection, and they are probably already running over today.  I have a full pot on boiling, so there is no big hurry, but I need to get there this afternoon.  I ate some pancakes Saturday and used some fake syrup.  Until a few years ago, I rarely ate the good stuff and claimed to like it better.  I couldn't handle it this time, though.  I am really glad it is boiling time.  I hope to make enough to last the year and give some as gifts. Good reason to get to work.
Well, 'nuff said for now.  Moving is good.  More soon.
Thanks again, everybody!  Hey!  Just as I was leaving the blog, I got notification of another donation!  Thanks to Mary Lou, Joe, and Lucy.  I miss you!  Come and see us.  I still have something really special for Joe!

Friday, March 5, 2010

What a lady!

Last night, Molly spoke at a Penn State Marketing Association event.  She, as expected, did a great job.  I won't give away the analog she used, but it was way cool and I'm pretty jealous, truth be told.  In a good way, of course.  I wish I had the mind she does. She can see the big picture as well as the details and puts it all together in an awesome package.  I often get the credit for being the character in this pair, but she has the character.
It was sort of funny last night as Molly was getting ready for the gig at Penn State.  We were talking about the dangers and predicaments encountered by diabetics, and her insulin pump malfunctioned.  Fortunately, Animas is a solid company and answered the service call.  They told her what to do and the pump service was restored.  She was great about it.  Just another bump in the road.
I had a couple of great runs this week and am looking forward to a couple of nice LONG runs in the next few days.  The weather is really perfect and the roads are a callin'.  It is hard to believe that one run now is more than I've been doing in a week or even a month just a year ago.  I feel great, though.  The increase has been gradual enough and God has granted me just the right apparatus to do a good thing for others.
I've been blessed to work with some great and generous people.  This week Sue and Sheryl came forward and contributed to JDRF.  Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WRXV - RevFM 89.1

Saturday on RevFM was great!  Erik Lane is a super interviewer and had really done his background research.  He asked great questions that guided the interview in good directions to allow me to share what I am trying to do for JDRF, but more importantly to share about the effects of diabetes in the short and long term.  Thanks to everyone at RevFM for the opportunity to share during Saturday night's Centre Topic show.  On March 27 at 8:30 PM, the headmaster of Nittany Christian School, Anthony Wilson, will be the guest.  Tony is a man with vision and the desire to work hard for God.  His effect on kids is contagious.  He loves the Lord and loves working with children AND IT SHOWS!
Sunday was a great run.  I did 3 hours in the game lands.  The overall time was slow, but the workout was pretty intense.  I was often 3 to 6 inches deep into the snow, and sometimes much more.  This was certainly a tough day, but felt awesome.  Several times during the run, the weather switched from a beautiful blue sky to heavy snow.  It was really enjoyable.