Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, I am a couple of days late, but Merry Christmas to you all!
I am so incredibly blessed and this time of year, when I celebrate the birth of my Lord and my Savior I am especially reminded of this.  I hear the carols and think of what they say and mean, it just makes me so very thankful for the promise of things to come, even when things seem so bleak in this world we are living in.

I have not been training the way I should be, but have been getting in some nice 1-hour + runs on a consistent basis.  I have even spent some time in the weight room at school trying to get a little stronger in the middle.  Now, THAT would be really something to accomplish :)

Molly is investigating the possibility of a continuous glucose monitor.  The increase in information available and, therefore, the control possible is exponentially beneficial to the long-term success in avoiding complications from abnormal blood sugar levels.  I know that I have been very fortunate that Molly is so dedicated and attentive to her diet  and glucose levels over the past years.  Her personality allows her to do this, but she still gets frustrated when her readings are not what they should be.  I can't, or don't, always give her the credit and attention she deserves.  I think I am doing this run to try and show her how important she is to me.  I would love to see an artificial pancreas or even a cure in her lifetime.

Thanks so much to Pat H., Randy, and Peggy for your contributions !  I am mailing the checks tomorrow and we will see the new total in few days.  I will be hitting 5% of the total.  Getting there !

Time to hit it hard;  the training and the fundraising.  Once again, I need your help.  Please tell your friends, put it on your facebook, contact all those celebrities, professional athletes, and generous relatives you have and sell, sell, sell!

Thanks and God bless!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh, Deer!

Well, I got in a pretty good workout on Monday. It was the first day of deer season here in Pennsylvania and the weather was variable to say the least.  We hiked up Brush Mountain at about 5:30 AM.  THe temp was in the high 40's.  Many in our group wore shorts and t-shirts for the climb and still produced a ton of sweat.  I have really enjoyed the last couple of years climbing in one set of clothes and changing completely once we get to our spots.  This year I was really glad to have brought shorts and not just a different pair of pants. As the day wore on, we got wet and cold and then, as the pushing of deer began, the coldness disappeared - at least to us.  Late in the day we saw a few brief snow squalls, but nothing lay on the ground.
John, our host at BMSA, shot a fine 10-point about mid afternoon.  The mountain man that he is, he skinned and quartered it there in right there in the  woods and packed the meat, hide and head out in his backpack.  Having dragged a deer from the same general area last year, I can tell you I can not imagine how he did it.  John's pack weighed 99 pounds  - he weighed it when he got back home.  Congratulations, John.  You got a fine trophy, meat for the freezer, a huge story to share, and props from all of us who got to see you out there.
I know, what should we expect.  John is a Marine.  Ooh Rah!
So Monday was pretty rough on the feet and legs.  By the end of the day, the backs of my legs were letting me know I have a lot of work to do to prepare for any of the Grand Slam of PA Trail running events.  However, it did motivate me to get into the weight room yesterday and do a series of circuits that I am certain will improve my condition.
Checks have come in from several individuals including the mother and the great-grandmother of one my former students. Thanks, Mrs. Groves and Mrs. Schneider!  Also in the mix of contributors are present and former colleagues.  Thanks to Suzie, Kathy, and Mrs. Keily!  The Way Fruit Farm sent a check that I received today.  I am so grateful for their support.  Thanks to you all so much!  I've been talking with some other corporate representatives about donations of product and/or funds, and I am pleased with the progress that we've been making.  Watch for Jabco-Maggi in the new year.  We are working on a special deal to bring in the funds for JDRF.  I'm excited!
Well, time to move the kids forward in the homework challenge of the evening.  Thanks to all and send me more mail. It really helps me stay motivated.  Stay warm.