Thursday, April 29, 2010

Driving me Froggy

I am sitting here at Jabco-Maggi Mitsubishi doing a live action broadcast with Froggy 101.  Skeeter seems like a nice guy and has been really helpful with my interview spots.  The dealership has agreed to give $50 to JDRF for each car they sell now through Saturday at 2PM.  This generosity is typical of what I've learned to expect from John over our 20 year relationship.  He is interested in the person, whether it is matching them with the right vehicle for their wallet and lifestyle, or taking care of those in need.  I really appreciate his help in this endeavor.  I have to say that these Mitsubishis are looking awfully nice.  Then again, so are the Volvos and Mercedes.  I could really go for the Jeep Rubicon, though. I've always wanted one of those.  It may just happen somewhere down the road, but not just yet.
I've got 3 weeks to go.  I plan to do a couple more LONG runs, but primarily I will do from 10 to 18 milers a few times a week and then rest the last 5 days or so before the 21st.  I am really hoping for nice weather during the event.  I love to run for an hour or two in the rain, but overnight will be challenging.  I know, I shouldn't whine, just toughen up a little and deal with it.  I will do that, but I can still hope for sun.
Well,  enjoy the warmer weather now, get out and have some fun!

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