Friday, May 14, 2010

One Week to go !

I want to thanks those who have given recently Gwen and Travis, Sandy and Jake, Greg, the Jacobson's, Tracie and Barry, and Pete (again - what a guy!).  The kids at school, and their parents, are really getting behind me now with a lot of kind words as well as donations.  Many people are asking me the big questions, "Are you ready? How do you think you'll do?  Don't you get to take a nap partway through?"  Basically the only one I can answer is that no, I don't get to take a break during the run except for the potty and to change clothes.  I feel bad for the people who are planning to run with me during the night-time hours, because I expect that I will be moving so slowly.  Hopefully, they won't be too disappointed in the effort. My closest friends have said that they understand, they are running a couple hours then taking a break before running again.  I will be going the full 30 hours.
The pain of diabetes has been on my mind lately as I've spoken to more people about the run and the disease.  I was amazed at the response of the Park Forest Elementary kids.  Many of my students and parents I've seen have said how the kids came home and talked to them about diabetes and the run project.  This is exactly what I was hoping for when this thing began, getting people more aware, talking about diabetes and its effects.  When people get involved personally things happen.
Speaking of being involved, I wish Teri all the best as she heads to Georgia for the Ride for the Cure event this weekend.  She and Mark have been great support here and it is awesome of them to make the effort to be involved back in the Atlanta area.
I'm sure this week will hold lots of posts, so stay tuned for more soon!

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