Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Starts

Okay, so I sort of false started last month. I've got a big goal and I started well with the MegaTransect one month ago, 26 miles the first day with 6,000 feet of elevation.  Then, in typical fashion, I stopped.  Quit.  Not on purpose, but zilch nonetheless.
After 3 weeks, I ran 2 days in a row, then missed another week.  The good thing is that I'm back and feel great.  No more lags in motivation, because today begins National Diabetes Month and I am rip roaring and ready to rumble.  I remember that I run for my benefit, but I write this, and run, and lift, and bike and ask people to help me support research projects for a whole lot bigger, and better, reason than me.  So, away we go.  For real this time.
So, here is the goal:
750 miles of running with 133,400 feet of elevation gain.  This elevation gain is equal to the total height of the highest point on the seven continents (the 7 summits).
Along with. . .
1500 miles of bicycling - since I am doing this over the winter, and I'm not as wild as some of those folks I see riding by the house - I can do road biking, mountain biking, or riding the bike on the trainer.  I know that my pace should actually be faster than this, but I will count the trainer time as 10 miles per hour.
1,000,000 pounds of weight lifting - talk about low weight, high reps :) !
Finally, I will end with a 100 mile run during the last 24 hours before the JDRF walk on May 19.

So, if I look at the 35 miles of running and 16,000 pounds of lifting I did in the month of October, I've at least got a start.  I'm not sure it is even worth counting, but I will.

I am going to sell Sheetz coupon books and have a fun night at Chik-Fil-A to help raise money.  I don't have a financial goal, so let's not put a limit on it.

Let's get it started!