Friday, May 7, 2010

2 weeks !

At this time, 2 weeks from now, I will have been running for 15 hours!  I have to say that will be pretty cool.  The WOW! part comes from thinking that I will be half-way through my run.  No, I didn't say "only" half-way through, I just thought that - or did I say it? :)
I am so happy to be involved in this adventure.  I am amazed at the number of people who have contacted me with words of support.  It really does help keep me moving when the feet get tired. I just was doing some reading and I found a blog about a woman running 50 miles per day in all 50 states and trying to accomplish this in 62 days!  I feel a bit like a wimp, but I'm not ready to try that one just yet.  She passed through State College and ran here on April 29.  Sorry I missed that.  It would have been interesting to chat with her for a while.
I had a great conversation last night with Ken Giornesto.  We talked about the tendency of people who get one auto-immune disease, like diabetes, to get another, like Celiac disease.  Ken is a member of the State College Celiac Support Group and had some really interesting information about the difficulty in diagnosing Celiac Disease.  He is happy to talk with anyone who would like to learn more.  You can email me for his contact information.  I plan to get together with him after the run and talk more about the connection among auto-immune diseases.  Its understandable, but still disappointing to think about the magnification of symptoms and effects. 
I had a few really nice runs this week.  10-12 milers each time, through the game lands, and a nice pace.  My main concern now is not to overdo it.  I don't think any major training is going to make any huge difference at this stage of the game.  I will still run steady this week and then try to rest and sleep a lot next week.  We need to do the shopping next weekend to get all the goodies that we will need to stay fed and watered.  I still don't know exactly the daytime route I am going to take.  I have tried to sort it out so that I can visit as many schools as possible at the times that are acceptable to them.  I can only hope that they are flexible. I just have to remember that 30 hours is a long time and the physical goal is just to get to the end.
The Builders Club at Park Forest is putting together some awesome activities to get the kids psyched up about the run.  I won't give anything away just yet because I don't want to ruin any surprises.
Well, onward and upward! We've raised about 1/5 of the goal amount, but this is the time when people are going to step up and give.  It doesn't matter if it is $1 or $1000, the important thing is to get involved and support the search for a cure.  It will make a difference!

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