Friday, June 4, 2010

2 weeks later . . . recovering

Sorry I haven't posted anything new for the last couple of weeks.  I'm not sure why, just that each time I sat down to type, I found that I wanted to go and do things with Molly and/or the kids.  They put up with me being out running so much for the month or so before the event, I feel like I have been missing too much.
Many of you know that I had an absolutely fantastic time during the run.  I've tried to thank everyone who helped to get me going, keep me going, and who went along with me.  I never ran with fewer than 3 people from 6 PM until the arrival at the stadium.  It made it so much easier to not be moving alone.

So how about a recap, at least as best as I can remember things.  Those that were there can feel free to correct me, I will use time and tiredness as my excuses :)

The school visits were great.  The kids asked great questions and were so supportive.  I missed a turn on the bike trail between Houserville and LeMont and ended up running Pike Street.  Word of wisdom - never do this.  I was good most of the time, but had one very close call with a fast moving car that cut the turn way too sharply.  If you are driving through LeMont, please slow down.

Around the time that Clinton, my nephew, and I got back to the CMA church, several people arrived to offer encouragement and much needed attention.  Gregg treated my sore quads and the only other pain I was having was at the base of my right shin.  This would prove to be a problem throughout the run, but didn't stop us from moving forward.  The roller that Gregg used was amazing and allowed for lots more miles.

The roughest time of the run was between 9 PM and 10 PM.  I was really at a low energy spot and felt sick in my stomach with every bite I tried to take.  After about 20 minutes of sitting, nibbling, and drinking, I set out for a walk with several folks accompanying me.  Molly made John, Pat, and Tim promise to take good care of me before she left and they did a great job.  We walked and ate for a couple loops and then we got moving again at a nice pace.  The walk was at a pretty good pace, between 13 and 15 minute miles, but it felt good to get close to 10 minute miles for a while.

I had such great company through the night that I couldn't belie how quickly the dark hours passed.  Before I knew it, the Lutz boys and Tim were taking me into the daylight.  The only thing that slowed me was that rascally shin.  The quads and stomach had been dealt with early.

At about 9:30, we started for the stadium and passed through 100 miles along the way.  Molly and the boys had driven ahead to meet me and share this milestone with me.  I'm so glad they were there.  I was so happy to finally get there, but realized that I had promised to go 30 hours, not 100 miles.  The best was yet to come.

I simply can not explain the amazing reception that awaited me at Lubrano Park.  All of the JDRF walkers, committee members and many others applauded and made me feel so special.  Even now, I don't know how to explain the overwhelming feeling I had to have so many honor me so much.  All I can say is thank you.

We don't have a final total for either  the run support or the overall State College walk, but both are really wonderful.  The run total will be over $10,000.  In large part thanks to the kids at school.  They raised $1002.25 !!  The walk total will be near $65,000, nearly double last year's total.  This is good news for researchers and better news for those who might never need know the hassles and negative consequences of diabetes.

On Sunday, my shin had swelled pretty well despite icing, and I visited the doctor in the afternoon.  Not unexpectedly, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture.  I am taking it easy and plan to lay off from running for about a month.  I hope to get on the bike this weekend.  It is a fibular stress fracture, so is not a weight bearing bone.  I'm off crutches and am feel quite good.   If I hadn't seen x-rays that showed the problem, I am certain I would be running already.  But, the MegaTransect and the Tussey 50 miler are coming, so I want to be ready.  Rest now, enjoy later.

Once again, thanks to everyone.  I can't say it enough, you all helped me to do something I only dreamed possible.  God Bless.

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