Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burning for a good run

I think I had perfect timing.  I ran through the Scotia game lands yesterday to get home from the church and it was absolutely perfect.  The weather, the time of day, the time of year . . . just absolutely wonderful.  As I ran through the woods I saw several traffic cones and a portable dump tank filled and waiting.  I knew that they were considering a burn in the near future, but hadn't paid attention to realize it was supposed to be today.  I must say that I toyed with the idea of telling all about my adventure run through the game lands today, only to end with an "April Fool!" but I bailed on the idea.  Sorry, wimped out.
I am excited about the beautiful weather we are to have the next several days.  I plan to get out and do, if not a single really long run, then a couple of semi-long ones. The advantage to that is not boogering up a large part of the day by being tired.  I am planning a full day of yard work tomorrow and need to get as much of that done as possible. I don't always give the yard the attention it deserves, but it is still a great place to play.  Sometimes I really need to remember the thing that brought me back to running after nearly 18 years - playing with my kids.   I love playing catch and tag and football and frisbee and hide and seek and  . . .  Just to think of where I was 10 years ago and the distance (not much pun intended) I've come is pretty amazing.  There is no way that I could be keeping up with them now, let alone even be thinking about this project.  So many people I chat with are amazed at what I am trying to do by running so long or so far.  To me, that is the small part of this.  To envision a cure for diabetes in the near future is a lot more amazing.  I can go try to run for 100 miles without a reason except to do it.  My real goal is to bring knowledge, awareness, exposure to what this disease does to its victims and provide some impetus for those fortunate among us to do what we can to try and provide relief.
Tomorrow is the day that we celebrate Grace.  We need not find a way to pay for our shortcomings.  We need to accept The Gift.

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