Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tri now Pay Later

This weekend is the Ridgway Triathlon.  A great time and a nice chance for those non-ironmen and non-ironwomen to have a great day in Northern Pennsylvania.  Solo participants have a great time, too !  The people of Ridgway are just fantastic and support this event all along its nearly 30 miles of adventure.  I rode the bike today for 14 miles getting home just before the downpour.  My legs remember what they are supposed to do and almost how to do it. I am waiting to see if I am paddling a canoe or kayak in the race.  My buddy, Pat, has both and if the wind is bad, he will loan me his canoe, if it doesn't seem to be a heartbreaker, I will be paddling his kayak.  Either way, it will be a nice day out on the upper Clarion River.

I got several donations today for raffle items.  Qdoba Grill of State College gave coupons for free burritos, 2000º supplied a $10 gift card, and The Bicycle Shop gave 2 $10 gift cards.  Kissell Motorsports is putting together some items for the raffle as well.  A huge THANKS to all of these folks, I really recommend that you support them as they support the community.  These places all get hit hard by so many groups asking for donations, and sometimes it is hard to ask them to contribute more.

Nice bike ride today and good short, quick run, then soccer practice with the kids yesterday.  I'm not planning to do anything at all tomorrow if I can help it.  Just get everything loaded and get to bed reasonably early.  Away we go!

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