Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Motivation is Good !

I feel so much better!  My runs haven't been as long (mostly around 13 miles), but they've been a little quicker.  I got into the pool on Friday, ran Saturday, biked Sunday and Tuesday, and ran a quick - for me- 6 or 7 Tuesday night.  I got a great donation from Dale and Kelly ! Thanks so much !  Dale is also letting me use his GPS watch so I can see just how far I'm going.  It is eye opening sometimes.  Both to see how far and sometimes, how not so far I've gone.

New pump today for Molly.  It came with a glucose monitor that will communicate with the pump.  Pretty cool!  It is not a continuous glucose monitor, that is still denied, but the letter from Dr. Ulbrecht convinced the insurance company to update the pump at little cost to us.  Thank you !  So Molly will be learning the new pump over the next week or so.  She gets some training that I believe she scheduled during a phone call this evening.

I keep forgetting to link to the Penns Valley Hope Fund.  The host family for our son at Centre County Band and Choir are some of the founders of this great organization.  Please check them out.

Thanks to Theresa, a PA with our kids' pediatrician's group for her generous contribution.  She is a great runner and an inspiration.  She has done several marathons as well as the MegaTransect.  I always consider it a good run if I can see her more than halfway through the run.  She runs with the Avocados during the Tussey MountainBack and I expect to see her there this year.  Assuming I survive this run in reasonable condition, I am going to do the MountainBack as an ultra - I am going to do the whole 50 miles.  It is 2 weeks after the MegaTransect this year.  That will allow a little more recovery than last time.

As I get closer to the big event, I am so happy to see the donors coming forward.  I see some light at the end of the tunnel.  At the same time, I've been realizing that this thing has got to get bigger than me.  I am really happy about the support my friends and family have provided for JDRF through the 30 hours project.  I am realizing that it is going to have to get bigger than me and my circle of friends to reach this goal.  Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an effort from all of us to work toward a cure.  I realize it seems silly to use these cliches, but I can't get over the fact that it is true.  We each have time, talent, and treasure that we are expected to put to use.  I've been blessed so much during this project, I feel as though I am getting more than I can possibly ever give back.  Thanks for that.  With that being said, tell your friends, ask your boss, your reading group, people you pass on the street.  Tell them you know this guy whose not so bright that is going to run all day, all night (and part of the next day) to try to make a difference.  
See you out there!  God is Good!

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