Friday, April 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Wednesday was a great run through the game lands.  I cannot believe how much I love trail running.  The area that was burned last week was interesting to look at.  Not a whole lot of difference, just less ground clutter.  It is pretty impressive to see how exact an area can be burned.  I am not sure when the next burn will be done, but I hope to investigate the area afterward and observe the new plant growth as it progresses.

Thanks to Teri and Mark for their wonderful donation to JDRF.  Teri is planning to ride in a Ride for the Cure JDRF event the week before the State College walk.  Teri and Mark were able to come in to the school yesterday for our "Health Fair" and speak to students and staff about diabetes and JDRF.  I really appreciate their willingness to take time from their busy day to share with others.  They have been touched personally with the diagnosis of one of their children with type 1.

I went to the pool this morning and swam for a while.  I must say that it is way harder for me than running. If I can get a couple of days a week in the pool each week, I will be so happy.  I realize that I don't have to be good, just persistent and consistent.  It sort of takes the pressure off and keeps it fun.  I may even get to the point that I will try a swim triathlon.  I've done several run, bike, paddle events, but have never had the courage to try a swim event.  Maybe this is the year.  I know it is good to get a workout without any impact on the body, specifically the feet and knees.  I feel like I might even get a short run in today as well.  I certainly need to go long tomorrow morning.  The weather looks great, so I will be pleased to get out and hear the birds waking up.

I usually run long with a red camelbak on, so if you see me, honk or yell for encouragement.  I may be going slow, but I'm moving forward (most of the time).
Thanks for all the support of me and especially for diabetes research.  I think of this project as 100 miles closer to a cure.

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