Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting my mind right - Wow! That will help!

It is hard to believe that I'm having a hard time focusing, but that seems to be the case.  I have had a tough time getting up in the morning and getting out the door.  I love the minutes and hours that follow the first mile, but I haven't been able to get myself to do that first mile for several days.  In some ways, I'm certain that my body needed some extra rest, but that time is past and it it time to get it back in gear and keep moving forward.  There are fewer than 50 days remaining- 45 to be exact- and in reality the last week won't hold much running at all.  I'm still really excited about the run, folks have been really supportive, and I'm seeing results in the fundraising, so the motivation is there.  I just need to get out and get moving.  No excuses, just run.

I just checked my email and Matt, one of my students, made an awesome donation to JDRF !  That is so cool!  A lot of my students are runners and several ask often about how my training and how the fund raising are going.  I am so appreciative of the authentic interest they've shown and I want to thank them so much.  Matt is an awfully nice kid and I am so pleased that he is taking an active role in supporting diabetes research.

The Easter week was very good for fundraising.  My mom and my dad each made kind and generous donations, thanks for always taking such good care of me.  John and Evalene, Connie, and Pete (once again!).  Thank you all so much.  I am so happy to see the generosity and caring of all of these people.  It really does renew a belief in the kindness of friends.

I haven't been keeping track of mileage or even hours lately.  I think that I will begin doing that for a couple of reasons.  It will help me keep track of my progress and if I post it here, will add some pressure to perform.  That will be a good thing!  Do I have a training goal?  I hesitate to say, but let's think in the neighborhood of  300 miles before May 15.  Can it be done (by me ;) ?  Stay tuned!
Thanks and God bless.

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