Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disappointing - better times coming

Sunday was a low point.  I left the house at a bit before 4 AM and started on my weekend long run. Though it was chilly, I generated quite a lot of sweat which soaked my clothes pretty well.  At about 7 miles, I began to walk up a decent hill and chilled off quite a lot.  When I hit the top of the hill, I began to get crushed by the wind.  I started running and began to warm up a little, but not enough to prevent my chilling even further.  I was bright enough to start towards home without delay.  The further I went, the more brain dead I became until the only thing I could focus on was getting out of the wet clothes and in front of the fireplace (gas - instant heat).  I made it with little to spare.  I think it took a couple of hours to get back to what might pass for normal.
Since I missed that run, I will have to do a long one sometime this week, but not in the rain.  The later the week goes, the nicer it looks, so Thursday might be the day.
I started this post on Monday and had to stop to get some other things done.  The weather has broken and I am looking forward to a nice, long jaunt through the woods later today.  State College Magazine did a telephone interview with me over the weekend and she is going to meet my family and I later today to get some photos.  I hope that all comes out well.  I have to admit that I get a great feeling when the attention comes.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences as well as the nuisances experienced by diabetics.
We recently got a call from someone whose insulin pump was pushing out the entire vial of insulin when it was supposed to be priming.  Fortunately, it was not hooked up to the injection site, but I have read about a few individuals who have had a large volume of insulin injected through the same type of malfunction.  A nuisance rapidly becomes a tragedy in that situation.
There are some really neat events coming up in the near future. The Hyner Challenge is full, and promises to be another fantastic event.  The Ridgway Triathlon is the following week and consists of a 5 mile run, 15 mile bike, and 9 mile paddle.  I hope the weather cooperates this year. Last year was beautiful, but it is often pretty nasty.  I am looking forward to it.  If you have a 16 to 18 foot solo canoe you would like to loan me for to loan me, I certainly would not turn it down.  The paddle is, by far, the most challenging portion of the day.
Well, get out and go play!

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