Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a Weekend!

As much as I have not been running - as I really should be- this weekend got me on the road, and the trails and got in some good mileage.  And, as an added bonus, I was making myself go when I didn't think that I really could.  Mentally, this was a really good thing for me in both the short and long term.
On Saturday, I did the Taidaghton Trail Challenge.  I have to say first that I had read that it was in the middle of nowhere, but WOW! It really was in the middle of nowhere.  But that didn't stop the PA RoadRunners from putting on a great event!  I loved the slow start to the day, since I got there about an hour before the start and it was about 20 degrees. The only glitch in my opinion was the narrowing of the course after only a quarter mile.  I reality, it wasn't the course so much as the reaction of several of the others in their impatience to get onto the trail and onto the first stream crossing.  The course had just enough technical areas combined with just the right amount of vertical.  I REALLY liked this course.  Streams, snow, hills, rocks make a great run.  20 degrees and sunshine and then running under Interstate 80 through a tunnel that was a 6-inch deep stream.  I know some people different care for it, but I thought it was awesome.  Food afterward was well done and I am really glad that I chose to do this one. Plus, it was the first 13 miler I've done in a while.
Sunday was the Run around Egg Hill.  I am so glad that Bass invited me to join him in 2004 and continue the tradition until now.  The course is challenging, the environment of the old school in Spring Mills is like stepping into a scene from Hoosiers, and running as part of a relay makes me want to do my best.  Bonus here, too.  In the raffle, I won a $25 gift card for the Elk Creek Cafe.  I'm looking forward to redeeming that later this spring or in the early summer.  I've sampled some of their products and haven't been disappointed :)
So, the weekend was a great experience in the running side of life.

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