Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray. There are bigger things than running.

I haven't posted since last week, but I have been working out.  The tragedies in Japan have occupied my mind and computer time over the past several days.  I am amazed at the degree of damage and the seeming calmness that many are showing as they deal with the situation.  I realize much of this is a shock reaction, but they are acting and this is good.
My son came home today and asked if he could give money to help the people of Japan.  I said yes, of course, and we talked about how to get the money to where it would be well used.  He has done Operation Christmas Child boxes, and so he is familiar with Samaritan's Purse.  He selected this organization to send his money to be used to not only help the physical needs, but the emotional and spiritual needs as well.  I am very pleased that he did this.  Having a giving heart is something that I am glad to see growing in him.

So, Pete has made the first donation of the year to the M&M team.  Thanks, Pete!  That gets us rolling.  Only 67 more days to go before the big day !  I am getting excited. I have had several folks ask about the run already and say that they will be expecting a letter soon.  I don't plan to disappoint :)

The runs have been more frequent and I've been on the bike trainer as well.  My older son and I went on a great 2 hour hike on Saturday and it was a time to be treasured always.  I am such a lucky man to have this family.  God is truly Good.

Well, I've got to take my Juice Plus+ and hit the sack.  I am getting up to run in the morning and need my beauty sleep.
More soon.

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