Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 in a Row!

I'm not sure the last time it happened, but I ran today for the second day in a row.  I have to laugh that, not so long ago, D. Scipione was cautioning me to make sure that I took a day off each week.  
Anyway, did another 4 tonight and it felt way better than yesterday.  It was a beautiful day, but I waited until after dark to run because of school and visiting family.  Glad to have done it though.  I got to play legos !  I also go to chat with Clinton who stayed the night last night and through the day.
Got to spend time today talking with teachers about how we can make the school a better place for kids to learn.  It was actually an invigorating inservice day.  I will be happy to see the kids tomorrow as we get into a lesson on tapping trees and making syrup.

Do it all for the Glory of the Lord !

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