Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The microscope has gone, tools available.

I realize that the last couple of posts are not strictly related to the run toward a cure, but I hope you find them fun and interesting.

Today, I traded the Bausch & Lomb microscope for these two BRAND NEW hand power tools.
Thanks to Stuart for this trade !

Black & Decker Firestorm 4 1/2 inch Angle Grinder. Brand new, never been used.

Craftsman Rotary Tool. Single speed, 1/8 inch complete with wrench and instructions. NO BITS Included. Brand new, never been used.

I started a year ago with 3 golf balls. I traded them for a pair of cross-country skis. I recently traded the skis for a Bausch & Lomb compound microscope. Now, the microscope has been traded for the tools described above.  What will I trade for?  Who knows !?!
I have a goal of getting a solo canoe eventually. Mostly, it is just for fun.
If you have something you would like to trade, let me know. This is a project in the vein of one red paperclip. Check it out online.

I'm feeling better about my physical condition.  Although I've not been doing much actual running, I've been skiing, riding the trainer bike, climbing the treadwall (Which is really cool!), rowing and enjoying the elliptical.  Now, some time on the roads and in the woods will get me to where I ned to be for the Tiadaghton Challenge in 1 month.

Thanks, Pete for the help in getting out in the wind on Saturday.

Away we go!

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