Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Things Mean a Lot

When I got to school today, I checked my email and WOW!

Last week, I had emailed Ray Zahab about the possibility of coming to our school.  I basically just told him what we had done last year for raising funds for diabetes research and what the plans are for this year.  I was very pleased to get a return email from Kathy Adams, Ray's wife, acknowledging my email and letting me know that Ray was due back from Chile soon.  I was so pleased to get such a nice response.

This morning, I got a note from Ray, himself.  Having just finished Running the Sahara this very morning, this really excited me.  I couldn't wait to share this with one of my colleagues who had originally shared Ray's and Kathy's organization, Impossible2Possible, was doing.  As usual, I haven't gotten my rear in gear to have my students follow the adventures, but each day holds new opportunities.

Ah well, just wanted to share the joy.  As the title of the post states, it is the little things that we do that often mean the most to others.

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