Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The weather is looking up for the rest of the week.  I am sure glad of that.  Saturday was pretty miserable for the two hour jaunt that I took.  I was downright shivery by the time I got back home.  Sunday was a bit better, not quite so much coming down.  I got in about 17 miles by taking the long way home from church.
I try to appreciate the challenges of some runs as though they are preparing me mentally for May, when I just need to keep moving forward for a long time.  
Thanks to Dean and Deb for the very generous contribution to JDRF.  I appreciate your words of encouragement and kindness.  Nancy, thanks for your donation and your cheery disposition.  You keep me on my toes everyday at school.
I'm nearly to 10% of the goal!  I was pleased to see the total balloon last week after the newspaper article.  I am continuing to get hits on the blog so I hope those translate into donations.  Hint, hint ;)  The run gets closer every day !  67 days and counting!
Last night on "Celebrity Apprentice," I admit that I watch it, Brett Michaels was the project manager.  He is a type 1 diabetic and had been since he was 6 years old.  His team won the challenge and afterward he said, "I managed my team well today, but I did not manage my diabetes very well."  He had low blood sugar during the challenge and had a pretty rough time for a while.  He raised $100,000 for the American Diabetes Association.  Congrats for that!
Well, I need more days of running in the coming weeks.  The distances and times (duration) have been progressing nicely, but I've not been super consistent.  I think I may try some long intervals one day each week to break out of this slow, slogging along that I'm doing.  I don't need the speed for the diabetes run, but the Ridgway triathlon is just around the corner.  I would like to make a good showing there this year.    It is "only" a 5 mile run, 15 mile bike, and a horrendously hard 9 mile paddle on the Clarion River.  It is a great day and I hope the weather is better than it usually is.  Last year was warm, but much more welcome than slow and rain and wind in the face during the paddle.
Drop me a line ! Come along on the run (sign up here)!  Invite your friends !

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