Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Months

Well, last week was awesome for fundraising!  I had an anonymous donor make a $250 gift to JDRF in support of the run.  Thanks so very, very much!  Your generosity is much appreciated.
Thanks also to the other generous contributors.  The Centre County Music Educators County Band and Choir Festival was this past weekend at Penns Valley.  Great job and congratulations to all of the kids, directors, and parent hosts.  Thanks to Joan and John, Jean and Jerry, Jo and Ed, Sam, and Dean for kindly and generously making donations to JDRF.
I am working hard to try and be even a little worthy of all the kind words of support and praise for the 30 hours run.  It seems like such a small thing when I hear of the trials long-time diabetics have to endure.  I praise God for the ability to draw attention to this dread disease and ask for support in search of a cure.

It is neat to think that I am running a marathon each week.  No, not total.  Each week I have been doing one run that is 26 miles or more.  Okay, so Saturday's run was 25.93 miles.  I don't want to misrepresent myself.  I just sort of figured I could round it off.  I'll do an extra .3 this week.  I'm feeling surprisingly good.  I am sleeping really well on run days and even stretch once in a while.  Weird !

We are now officially in springtime and the weather has been great.  It so much easier to get out when it is 40 degrees rather than 20 degrees.  Even getting out of the house at 4 AM doesn't seem as bad when you know the sun isn't that far away.  Sunrise on D-day is 5:49, so I will not be starting in the dark.  That makes me happy.  I am certain that I will have enough darkness overnight to deal with.  I'm pleased that I've got folks running with me to keep me motivated and safe.

I must be motivated.  I want to do speed work.  Maybe want is the wrong word, feel the need might be better.  Oh, well.  It is good to end with a joke :)

See you soon!

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