Monday, March 8, 2010

Centre Daily Times

The Centre Daily Times, our local newspaper here in State College, ran a really nice article on Type 1 diabetes yesterday.   It was nearly the whole front page of the Sunday paper and another full page on page nine.  I am pleased that the bottom of page nine was a nicely written story about the 30-hour run.  It ran across the whole width of the page and generated a lot of interest.  I had about 20 hits here on the blog and a few donations have already been made to JDRF.  I want to thank Barb, Pete, Steve, JoAnne and the Cutter Family for their generous contributions.  I hope that these are the beginning of a run, not much pun intended.
Panera Bread sent coupons good for a loaf of bread each month for one year.  I have other contributions waiting in the wings until I can put together a raffle.  I am still working on donations for prizes and getting tickets printed.  I think this will be a good way to raise some money and offer folks some good prizes in return.
I had a great run this morning. I got moving nice and early and was out for 5 hours.  I got in a little over 27 miles.  I have to admit that this was the second furthest run I've ever done.  Only the Tussey MountainBack was longer, albeit nearly twice as long. I am really pleased that I got in more than a marathon even before breakfast!  It is the rest of the day that will be interesting. I have to stay busy so that I don't crash and burn.  I am boiling maple sap and I need to go to the woods and empty the sap buckets.  It has really been a good spring for collection, and they are probably already running over today.  I have a full pot on boiling, so there is no big hurry, but I need to get there this afternoon.  I ate some pancakes Saturday and used some fake syrup.  Until a few years ago, I rarely ate the good stuff and claimed to like it better.  I couldn't handle it this time, though.  I am really glad it is boiling time.  I hope to make enough to last the year and give some as gifts. Good reason to get to work.
Well, 'nuff said for now.  Moving is good.  More soon.
Thanks again, everybody!  Hey!  Just as I was leaving the blog, I got notification of another donation!  Thanks to Mary Lou, Joe, and Lucy.  I miss you!  Come and see us.  I still have something really special for Joe!

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