Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanks, Brooks! and Bass!

Now I can run faster, jump higher, and stomp harder.  I had contacted Brooks running company a month or so ago with a donation request.  They do not do monetary donations, but have a Run B'cause giving program they use to make contributions to worthwhile organizations.  Because I am training a lot and using up shoes in preparation for the JDRF event, I requested a few pairs of shoes through the program.  Yesterday, I got three pairs of Brooks shoes in the mail.  Thanks so much to Brooks!
I have been wearing Brooks shoes since the early '80's.  I still remember my Hugger GT's with fondness.  They went away for a while, but when I returned to running in 2002, there were there for me again.  The Adrenaline ASR is the trail version of the Adrenaline and that is what I requested.  Not having to buy shoes frees up those funds for donations or other costs associated with the run.  Cool!
This morning we had some great basketball games and I got in my speed work.  Lots of thanks to Bass for his donation to JDRF.  If you read the blog early on, you would recognize him as the one who wants to go in front of me and taunt me so that I stay motivated throughout the night.  He will now be known as "Taunt-O."  What a great guy.  If I can be half the man he is, he will be twice the man I am.

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