Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well it is 2010;  is that two-thousand ten or twenty ten?  I don't know which way I will go, whichever I fall into the habit of saying, I'm sure.
We are watching Chariots of Fire and talking to the kids about dedication and the tough decisions people make.  "I believe that God made me for a purpose . . . When I run I feel his presence." Eric Lydell just said.    I know just how he feels.  I would love to have the sort of commitment he had.  I need to try to overcome my knack for avoiding the hard work and losing focus on the goal I am attempting to achieve.  Just like many other resolutions, I must work to complete the task I've chosen.  No one has forced it upon me.
My friend, Bob, has quite a drive in this way.  He and his friend, Jeremy, set out Feats of Strength for themselves.  I was honored when he emailed me to say he was excited about my "Feat."  I will use this as inspiration when things get tough.  Last night, Bob and Jeremy ran the First Night 5K carrying cinder blocks.  I'm certain they still ran faster than I would have running empty-handed.
141 days to go until the 30 hour run.  I got in a short run today.  I can remember when 40 minutes was unfathomable.  Now it is barely a start to what I need to do.  Strange to think that the Megatransect will not be toughest thing I do this year.  I registered for it today, just after noon.  In the first 8 hours, over 200 signed up.  The field is limited to 850.  I anticipate that it will fill in the next few weeks.  It is amazingly well run and I hope to keep this tradition gong for a long time.
Let me know fundraising ideas you've got.  I'm only 5% of the way to my goal, but a lot of good things are going to happen this spring.
All the best in the new year!  Let's go running!

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