Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sign Up Time

Well, it is 4 months until run day and I am getting pretty excited.  Sign up for a time to run (or scooter as the case may  be, Jim) here on this Google Form.  I had a great 3-hour run this morning.  Thanks, Pete for doing a couple hours with me.  It was pretty cold, 18º at the start, but a really beautiful day for a run.  Each week, I am planning to increase by 30 minutes on my long run.  I hope a 10-hour long run will do it for training.  I don't want to overdo it and get injured, but I certainly need to be on my feet and moving forward for a major length of time.  I will be slow, I'm certain, but as long as I average 18 minutes per mile I will make 100 miles.  I really hope that I can surpass that by a fair amount.
Thanks so much to Dr. Scipione for his donation from State College Family Chiropractic.  He's kept me moving for a few years now, and I'm sure I will be seeing lots of him over the coming months.  Kristin and Byron, thanks for your great words of support and your donation to JDRF.  It was super to chat with you last night.  I really enjoyed dinner at the Tavern restaurant with the State College Music Department.  You know when 30 music folks sing Happy Birthday that it is going to sound GOOD!  I don't remember thanking Marla for her gift to JDRF.  If I didn't - thanks!  If I did, thanks, again!  It is great to be so well supported by my friends.
I have a pledge form and information sheet available for those interested in joining me.  Just drop me a line and I will send you a pdf. so you can get started collecting donations.
Four months seems both long and short.  I know the time will go fast so I had better keep working hard.  Logistics are now a real thing to be considered, not just a dream on the edge of the vision.
Let's help find a cure for this nasty disease called diabetes.  I really hate to see the effects it has on people we love.

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