Thursday, January 7, 2010

Run with Me!

Don't blame me, it's his idea.  I can't say that about the time or money goals that I have set for the JDRF 30 for 30 event, but I can say it for the following idea.  Why don't YOU run WITH me ??  No, not for the whole time, but for a while.  An hour?  A half hour?  A few hours?  Whatever distance or time you'd like would be fine.  I will ask for one thing in return.  Collect $100 in contributions for JDRF and join me.  Is this a win-win, or what?  You get a t-shirt commemorating the run - these are in development right now, you have some fun, have a reason to get in better shape AND help JDRF find a cure !  What a bargain!  Besides, you know you made that new year's resolution to lose a few pounds or move more.  Trust me, I won't be moving that fast.  It is going to be a long day+.
Consider it, and climb on board.  You can pick the time of day or night.  It could be worth it just to laugh at me !


  1. Count me in!
    I'm good for a couple of hours.

  2. Are you challenging me to have fun for a good cause?
    Okay, 100-Mile Man, I'll see your bleary-eyed, swollen-jointed, blistered, dehydrated body at the event. If I raise $150, will you share some of your hallucinations?
    Seriously, let's help kick JD.

  3. Thanks Pat and Jed. I've got visions to spare! One of which is seeing success in a cure.

    Just keep pushing me off the road and away from traffic!

    I think that we'll be passing trees like they are standing still!