Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whew and Yahoo!

What a great day yesterday was!  The run went really well.  The weather changed dramatically throughout the day to keep things interesting.  Many wonderful people encouraged and supported me through some low points and shared in the joy and accomplishment.  God is good, all the time!

I truly could not have done the day without Molly's help.  She and Alice met me several times throughout the rainy morning feeding, watering, and pushing just the right buttons to get me moving forward.  I want to thank both WTAJ and WJAC for the coverage they provided for the run and JDRF.  Many people, including present and former students and parents saw the run on the news and stopped to offer encouragement.  All of the folks on Cogan Circle provided a huge lift as the end neared.  What a wonderful surprise!  Thanks especially to the Ritchey family for rousting the troops.   We even got a rainbow to make the visit and the run complete!

Students and staff at Park Forest Middle School, thanks for the attention and respect you show, for your contributions to JDRF, and for your kindness and your encouragement! It is wonderful working with you all.

One of my favorite places to visit is Jabco-Maggi Mitsubishi.  Yes, it is fun to look at the cars, but chatting with John is a pleasure.  I appreciate his friendship as well as the support for many great organizations.

I really appreciate the reception I got at the high school south building from Nell Herrmann  and her students.  I  miss working daily with Nell, but the kids at the South building are reaping the rewards.

HUGE props to the students and staff at Nittany Christian School.  Our family has been so incredibly blessed that you have worked with our children.  As I explained about insulin, the pancreas, glucose, and blood sugars the kids were so attentive.  And they asked such good questions!

Thanks John Donoughe, John McCullough, Pat Gallagher, and Pete Coray for running and walking alongside me.  John says I could do it without you all, but I'm not certain that is true.  Special thanks to Pat for the miracle working with that water bottle.  You worked out the knots and cleared out the gunk that was making any thought of running painful.

This whole project has been incredibly blessing to me.  So many people have stepped up to offer contributions, kind words, and MUCH prayer.  I was so pleased to have so many people asking the Lord to bless this effort.  He truly has done so.

Well, the JDRF walk steps off in about 4 hours.  I am so glad to work with the dedicated people who make this happen.  It is going to be a beautiful day to walk, to share challenges and successes, and to support JDRF as they assist in the search for a cure.  See you at the walk!

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