Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring in the Step

Spring is certainly in the air and I feel a spring in my step as well.  After a super wet April, we really haven't seen much moisture since.  For the last couple of days, I was expecting to see some rain, but nothing yet.  We've got lots of plants in the garden as well as extending the rhubarb patch - if you want some, call we have plenty.  I also put in 6 blueberry bushes and the raspberries are coming up nicely.  I put fences around everything, so the deer shouldn't be a problem, we just have to watch for the rabbits and groundhogs.  I love eating food that we've grown.  It may or may not taste better, but it is satisfying.
Bruce asked me yesterday if we could put up a honeybee hive.  I told him that we would work on it, but that it takes a lot of work in the beginning.  I am going to check around to try and find some boxes second hand and then we will see where it takes us.

I had a really enjoyable run this morning.  Gray skies and 60 degrees.  It looks as though it should feel terribly humid, but I didn't have any trouble.  Thanks to all who have supported the run so far.  I haven't been listing them as they've come in.  It's just that I'm lazy, not ungrateful.  Thanks to the Babcock family, the Bastress family, Dolores, Bill, Pat W., Pete, and Marc.  It is a tough time for people to be giving money away, I really can't say thank you enough.  Just remember that it isn't going to be wasted.  Well over 80% of the money goes to fund research that will save lives and make lives better.

I heard from a long lost friend this week.  Denny sent photos of a wildfire in North Carolina.  It is amazing.  Molly, Bruce and I were fortunate to spend some time with Denny and Lynn at Stumpy Point several years ago.  What a great community of people!  The coconut pie at the church picnic was incredible, too!  Molly still makes it for us once in a while.  I'll always remember Hooper's Store (Major Hooper not Mr. Hooper for you Sesame Street fans of yesteryear ).

I'm looking forward to the week of getting things organized for the run and just seeing how the Lord works through this project.  I am immensely blessed to be able to serve Him this way.

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