Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympics and Inspiration

Wow! I can not even imagine the dedication of these olympic athletes.  The ones who are at least close to being amateurs, anyway.  They put in years of practice, hours a day, sticking to the plan.  I just shake my head when I think of it.  Honestly, there was a day, long ago, that I can remember considering that I might be able to dedicate myself to a goal like that.  I think I took the easy way out, always finding an excuse to avoid the long term commitment.  I had a couple of coaches in high school that seemed to be able to get me to push.  Thanks, Coach Smith and Coach Murdock.  I wish I could find the guts now to do the things that you got out of me during the early part of track season.

Thanks to my latest donors - April, Bobbi Jo, and Amy.  Amy makes this awesome fudge and had a sale that she donated a portion of each sale to donate to JDRF. Cool!

I spoke with a writer from the Centre Daily Times for about a half hour last night.  She asked me some good questions that really got me thinking.  I know I am doing this thing to try and make a difference with financial donations, but I think the understanding of type 1 diabetes is at least as important to me if not more so.  I watch Molly and others try to deal with the day to day fluctuations in blood sugars, trying to figure out the reason it is good one hour and bad a few hours later with what seems like the proper insulin dosing and physical efforts.  The endocrinologist sent a letter to the insurance company today explaining to the powers that be how proper monitoring and treating of blood sugars now avoids costly treatments and results later.  I would have to say that a CGM now is really cheap compared to the cost, monetarily, physically and mentally of blindness, amputation, heart disease, kidney failure.  Seems an easy call to make, but that's probably why I am not in charge.
I had a nice couple of hours on the treadmill this morning and hope to get something similar tomorrow.  I usually like running outside in the winter, but the amount of snow we've had makes it too dangerous.  I have been really happy to be able to do some long efforts on the treadmill.  It has to be good for the mental training as well.
Thanks to everyone for the kindness, donations, and words of inspiration.
More again soon!

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