Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanks, Dr. Devlin!  I really want to thank my dentist, Dr. Chris Devlin for his donation and also for helping me to not be afraid to go and see him.  A few years ago, I was needing medication just to call the dentist.  Now, I don't necessarily look forward to the experience, but I do enjoy going to the office.  I don't even need to have anything to relax before the visit.  As a result, my visits are pleasant and without incident.
I feel much better and actually got on the bike this morning.  I coughed a little when I picked up the tempo, but feel as though a run is coming in the very near future, like tomorrow.  What a relief!  I'm looking forward to comments and questions and have opened up the access so that you can comment, so no matter how small, let me know you are out there . . . if you are :)
Thanks again to Dr. Devlin.  I will be seeing you soon !

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