Monday, October 5, 2009


The MegaTransect was, once again, a fantastic experience.  It was at least as hard as any other year, certainly more technical in several areas.  I finished 97th out of the 700 or so starters, and was about 1/2 hour faster than last year (6:22 this year).  We camped out in the rain this year so that we had the total Mega-experience.

Thanks to Tom Rodgers for a lot of encouragement during the run.  I am certain that I would've been quite a bit slower without his words - kind and otherwise :)
I shamelessly shared my JDRF endeavor with several people and hopefully will hear from them as the year goes on.  I had a nice ride on the bike trainer this morning and am encouraged with the desire to get back out on the road and trail.

Thanks to all of the volunteers from the MegaTransect.  It is a premier event and it is because of the fine work you all do.  Congratulations!

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