Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanks JDRF

Today in the mail, I got a cycling jersey from JDRF.  This excites me because this is the sort of top I wear in the mountain runs I do.  I really don't like to advertise for a lot of companies, just those whose products I use and/or really appreciate.  This way, I am putting Juveniles Diabetes right out there.  
I have been in touch with a pro cycling team called Team Type 1.  They are relatively knew and are working to " instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes; through active management, one can achieve their goals, dreams, and potential."  I hope to have a representative from the team come and talk to the kids at Park Forest Middle School.  I think that having someone with experience managing type 1, especially while maintaining a serious exercise program would be really helpful to kids and adults alike.  I hope it works out.
Great workouts today.  This morning I only ran a couple of miles, but did some plyometrics. This afternoon I played capture the flag for a couple of hours with kids at school.  I think this counts as speedwork.  I think Friday I will be playing basketball with a crew again.  This is definitely a different pace than I am used to moving.  It helps loads throughout the year.
Enough for now.  Homework time.

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