Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Day

Today was a great day.  My classroom is ready for tomorrow and I am excited to meet lots of new kids.  I had a great 1 1/2 hour run this evening.  The temp was perfect, the air dry and the sky beautiful.  The woods are incredible in late summer.  I feel so blessed to be able to live this life.
Illuminite mailed some gear out today to help make my adventure and the long winter of training more doable.  I have an illumite coat for the hard part of winter and I love it.  It doesn't look reflective at al until the headlights hit it.  The driver sees me as a big, silver crazyman running along the country roads.  Makes me a lot safer than a few small stripes.  Tanya at Illuminite was great to talk with and very supportive of the 30 hours project.  If I can figure the way to post their logo on here, you will see it.  Check out the people gear as well as safety gear for your dog from
Thanks again for checking in!

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