Sunday, September 6, 2009

Run to the Hills

Okay, I think it is an "old"Ozzy song ('80's so not too old), but today I finally did a few hill repeats of the hill in our neighborhood.  Not enough to hurt a lot, but I was sort of shamed into it when my friend, Pat, let me know he had run 1 3/4 hours yesterday and felt good enough to register for the Dam Half.  Now, I just have to manage to finish at least 1 second in front of him.  My only hope is to overpower him mentally by making him explain complex organic molecules while going up the steepest climbs.  This way, he will run short of oxygen and need to take a break.
Two weeks to the Dam Half and a month until the Mega.  It is nice having these events on the horizon.  I don't say they make me train harder, since my friends certainly know better, but they do provide some motivation to get my lazy bones out of bed.
Actually I have been thinking about those with chronic illnesses while I run.  This little project I am undertaking might be temporarily uncomfortable, but folks with type 1 diabetes deal with this all the time.  That certainly helps keeps me moving when I get tired and sore.
I was listening to Perry Noble from New Spring church while I was running yesterday. His sermon was about God working in our lives.  One thing he said was that if we're still alive, God wasn't done with us yet.  Reminds me of my niece Mary Ellen singing "God's Still Working on Me . . . to make me what I ought to be . . ."  He's already prepared the good works for us to do, we've just got to get out and do them.  I know, it isn't the works that are going to save me, but I can't help but serve since the work is there to do.  (Just don't tell Molly, since there are bathrooms to be cleaned, windows to wash , carpets to vacuum . . . those are works that are ready to for me to do as well ;) ).
Have a day!

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  1. Great website Mr. McAninch. Good luck!

    BTW, it's Iron Maiden not Ozzy:)