Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stick Around.

What a great day today at PFMS!  Lots of kids showed their generosity, and maybe just a touch of mischievousness, by duct taping several teachers to a wall during lunch.  Thanks to all of those kids and teachers who were so giving of their time, attention, and money, to help raise money in the search for a cure.  You can check out the photos on the PFMS homepage until I get some pictures uploaded.  Thanks, especially, to Poppy for organizing and directing the whole operation.

I visited the chiropractor today to get everything into alignment. There is no point in starting in a bad way.  After that, it was to the grocery store after school and loaded up on eats and drinks for Friday and Saturday.  It is amazing how much stuff I put into the cart, but it is all great junk food - excuse me, energy replenishment and electrolyte replacement resources.  I'm sure the boys will take care of whatever is left :)

Thanks to BestBuy for the donation of a new armband for my iPod.  I know that it is not directly helpful to JDRF, but it helps me make the miles go.  Somehow, the old stuff wears out after many miles.  Go figure.

I'm spending the evening packing and going through the checklists.  I know that I will be near stores, and so I will be able to get most of what I need, but I really don't want to have to think about it.  Tomorrow night will be a blur, so if it is to happen, it had better happen tonight.

The weather looks even better than it did earlier today.  Instead of high 70's, it is expected to be in the low 70's.  I am excited that several students have signed up to share part of the morning with me and they've done a great job raising support for JDRF.

I really appreciated an email from John Fegyveresi this week.  He had a really tough run at the Massanutten 100.  A huge attaboy to John for his ability to keep going when he didn't have any reason to stick with it.  Can you say inspiring?

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