Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to wish all of you who are mothers a most wonderful weekend.  Being a parent is an incredible blessing and the bond that is formed between mom and baby is beyond special.

Under a week to go, and it is getting exciting!  I had a great run up and down Mount Nittany last weekend.  Bruce was taking the SAT, so I took advantage of the time and did a few ascents at a brisk walking pace.  Once I reached the top, I ran a couple of miles exploring the interweaving trails, then ran hard down the mountain to the trailhead.  Once I got there, I turned around and repeated the process.
I was going to quit after 3, but I felt like challenging myself, so up I went again.  I didn't intend to go all the way to the top, but each time I got to the place I thought I would turn around, I was able to go just a bit beyond.  before I knew it, I hit the top.  I decided to pay special attention to my footing on the way down because I knew that I was tired.  As you can guess, as soon as the rockiest parts were over, I bit the dust.  The good thing is that I had thought a lot about how to fall, so I tucked and rolled.  I'm really glad that I had my CamelBack on because it absorbed a lot of the shock.
I just laughed once I realized that I was still in one piece.  Sunday did bring some soreness that was noticeable for a few days, and then Molly pointed out that my shoulder was black and blue.  I knew it hurt, but didn't realize I had a battle scar.  Cool!

Yesterday, I ran a nice quick 5 miler in the woods.  It felt great and was one of those runs that I never wanted to end.  Runs like that are a confidence builder.  It makes for good feelings in the final few days.

The Centre Daily Times, the State College newspaper, ran a nice article about the State College JDRF walk.  The story provides a look into the life of a diabetic through those closest to her/him/  Thanks for putting this article together, Heather.

Several friends have been signing up to keep me moving on Friday night and Saturday morning.  More room is available, though.  Don't be afraid to join in the fun for an hour or two.

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