Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Long time, no posts

It has been quite a while since I've posted, and the nice thing is that I've had a lot of visitors to the blog since the spring run.  I'm back into training and it is becoming more consistent than it was just a few weeks ago.  I have always been pretty blessed to be able to run sporadically in preparation for upcoming events and still perform reasonably well.  Age must be beginning to catch up with me, because the return has been much more difficult this time.  Even the approach of my favorite organized event was not been enough to get my act together.  Fortunately, I seem to have turned the corner and have been getting past the worst of it.  I've had some nice runs in the woods this week and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Molly and I had the great opportunity to speak with a diabetes support group in Petersburg.  It was a very nice group of people and they were wonderful hosts.  One of the attendees was a young woman who has become pen pals with my niece.  I am so glad that they will both have a peer to chat with as they have new experiences with their diabetes.

The school year is nearly upon us and I am really excited for the new group of kids.  I have been getting back into planning mode and I'm really looking forward to getting into the groove.

I've not yet decided what my endeavor will be to raise money for JDRF.  I am going to start in October, since it is National Diabetes month.  The megatransect will be a great kickoff for the project.  I love being able to chat with so many people during the run.

More soon, see you on the trails.

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