Friday, August 26, 2011

Sibling Pressure

I think that I had written some time ago that my brother, Bradley, was planning to do the Mega with me.  I figured that this was going to be really motivating, and it has been lately, but not so much for the first half of the year.  A couple of months ago, Brad said he had reconsidered and was probably not going to do the Mega after all, and I was pretty bummed.  I didn't want to pressure him to do something he didn't want to do, but upon further consideration . . .  I did.
I'm thinking that it worked, or maybe he was just trying to throw me off.  I figure we're going to be hiking a lot more than running which is going to be a whole different experience for me.  I must say that I am really excited about it.  Not only will I get the opportunity to enjoy the views more and get some photos, but I will get to spend the whole day with my brother.  That just doesn't happen very often.  We've been trying to plan a weekend to get together with my other brother as well, but with Kelly's illness it will probably be tough.  The Mega looks like a great chance for Bradley and I to get away from the daily pressures of life and go through a physically challenging adventure together.  I'm looking forward to it.
Get out and enjoy the fall.  School starts next week with the students and I'm excited to get into the trees and leaves unit.  It is fun watching the kids see the big and little differences in the same trees that they have been around every day.
Watch out for Hurricane Irene.  She looks to be nasty all along the east coast of the US.

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