Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to it Soon

I've been off my feet for over a month now.  Maybe it would be better to say that I've been off my feet for about 10 pounds now.  That is how much I have gained since the run.  I have been riding my bike here and there, but no consistency.  It is time to head back to the roads and trails and begin the process of comparing for the MegaTransect and Tussey MountainBack.  I had actually considered trying to do the Mega twice in one day, but then realized that I would miss the social gathering afterward.  I don't want to do that!

For those asking whether it is too late to donate . . . NO WAY !!
I have still been getting a donation periodically and these have been much appreciated.  I know I still have a couple on the way as matching gifts.  The money spends just as well now as it did a month ago :)

If you are one of those who told me to keep bugging you to reming you to donate, watch out.  I'm coming, just like the tax amnesty program.  I know who you are and I will visit you !

I'll keep you posted on the recovery progress.

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