Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking Good - Thanks Illuminite!

Thanks so much to the folks at Illuminite!  In one of my early posts I reported having spoken with Tanya and praised her willingness to support my safety with a jacket from Illuminite.  Yesterday I got a package from her/them containing several products to help keep me visible to vehicles at night.  I wore the Olympic 2-in-1 this morning and know that I was seen by some of my neighbors because they flashed their lights to say hello.  I must say I feel loads better running in the dark when I know that I can be seen.  I don't like to be surprised when I am driving so I try not to scare anyone else either.
I sent out a lot of email pleas in the last couple of days.  I am happy to report that I have already received support in response to this email.  It is awkward, even for me, to ask for money during this time.  I really believe it is a worthwhile reason to feel uncomfortable.  I see the effects everyday on the lives of those with type 1 diabetes. Specifically I see Molly frustrated when she doesn't have the control she thinks she should have because of the effort and attention she gives.
Thanks for reading, your patience, and your generosity.
See you on the roads and on the trail.

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