Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Run Weekends

I am moving right along in training and fundraising.  Although the total on my JDRF page doesn't look too impressive today, it will be improving rapidly when the checks mailed yesterday get added.  I sent checks from Dr. Devlin, Dr. Doerfler, and Paul and Nancy Silvis to the JDRF office.  Huge thanks to these folks for their generosity.  Dr. Doerfler is my son's orthodontist and is extremely patient and kind.  Paul Silvis is the founder of Restek and now owns SilcoTek.  His businesses really value the employees.  Workout facilities and a beautiful atrium are examples of the extras Paul has included in the workplace to help provide a positive workplace environment.  I have been impressed with him throughout the 12 years I have been familiar with him.    I met Paul while I worked for South Hills School of Business and Technology and expanded the relationship when I had his son, Michael, in seventh grade grade science.
I am leaning toward having a raffle to raise funds.  I have had several businesses tell me that they can donate product much more easily than cash.  To make efficient use of resources, I anticipate that my helpers and I will be selling tickets for a chance to win some awesome prizes.  Stay tuned for exciting offers!
Training is going well. I had a super morning yesterday.  I started about 6 AM and watched the sun come up during a chilly (25º F) 2-hour run.  I probably got in 12 miles or so.  I hope to get in another 2 hours today.  Not so much hassle being in the woods on Sunday.  I don't like to mess up anyone's hunt by being in the woods on Saturday.  Pete ran the second hour with me and we had great, and really deep,  conversation.  I know he could have run further, but I really was ready to head to breakfast.  I was hungry!  This fall has been beautiful and today is no exception.  Get out an enjoy it.

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