Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I met with Senator Jake Corman to discuss the run.  It was a nice meeting in which I asked him for ideas about fundraising and publicity for the event.  He stated that he would be very happy to put his name with the effort because of the great cause that it is supporting.  I am looking forward to January when we begin to push for some media attention for the event.
I have been looking at insulin pump/continuous glucose monitors (cgm) recently.  The idea of having a data point every 5 minutes instead of every few hours is great.  People using the cgm can see exactly how different activities affect their body's use of of insulin and glucose.  Highs and lows can be treated immediately, before they are even noticeable in physical symptoms.  The cgm brings us one step closer to an artificial pancreas.  Although not a cure, the lessening of abnormal glucose levels decreases the long term effects of diabetes.  Animas is beginning a partnerships with DexCom to join their two devices and MedTronic looks to have a great product in existence as well.  Competition in the field is good for motivation to improve, and patients reap the benefits.
Over the weekend I had a great 2-hour run through the gamelands.  With 6 months to go before the JDRF event it is time to begin extending these long runs.  I will be out in the woods next week for deer season and, hopefully, pulling some weight through the woods to add strength training!
Huge thanks to Matt and Stefanie, Kathy, and Ann for their contributions.  We are moving forward!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

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