Wednesday, April 18, 2012

one month to go

One month to go until the 100 mile run for JDRF.  I’ll make no secret of the fact that I am not nearly as well trained as when I did the run a couple of years ago.  The cool thing is that I am in a great state of mind and have been getting a lot of interest from others over the past couple of weeks.  I got the approval today to have the kids from school join me for a portion of the day.  I won’t know until that day who will be able to walk or run with me, but that will be part of the excitement.  The kids are so great and they truly care so much about others.  It is such a nice thing to be able to nurture this in them. 

I’ve been reading about Dane Raushberg and his 52 marathons in a year.  What really amazes me is his ability to stay motivated.  I have a knack for being able to get pumped up about things, but then the enthusiasm wanes and I lose focus.  Dane’s efforts on behalf of L’Arche is inspirational.   

The other individual that I have been observing is John Feygveresi.  A recent post was a link to his description of the Barkley Marathon.  If you haven’t read about the Barkley, it is well worth the effort.  I’ve talked with several friends  about John’s efforts, and they have asked if I would like to try it.  I must admit that the thought has crossed my mind.  I really like the idea of seeing just how far I can push myself.  Unlike Dane or John, I don’t seem to be able to make myself go at all fast anymore.  I did 5 miles at an 8 minute per mile pace at Egg Hill and I was ecstatic!  Maybe I can use their efforts to bolster my courage to push for better speed.

My friend Andy did Boston this week.  He is such an incredible example of determination and perseverance.  The weather for Boston was horrendous, with temperatures well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 27 Celsius for those of you reading outside the US).  He did great for the first half, and then dehydration set in.  I’m looking forward to talking with him soon about the details, but I trust him when he says that it took everything he had to keep moving forward.

So, the State College walk for JDRF is May 19 at Lubrano Park.  I’m looking forward to seeing the group.  It is so rejuvenating and so rousing to see the team shirts and walk with all the kids and adults whose lives have been touched by the effects of diabetes. 

I know that my discomfort during the 100 mile journey is nothing compared to the difficulties in living with diabetes, but I hope that you will appreciate the efforts that I am able to make.  Please help me by donating to support the search for a cure.

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