Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training and Generosity

The training has been going well, and I am beginning to get really excited for the JDRF run.  I hope the middle of May holds the same weather as we’ve been having this past week or so.  With morning temps in the 40’s F (5º C) and afternoons around 70ºF (21º C), it would be a crime not be outside.  The woods are pretty dry, so the mud isn’t making things rough, yet the ground is soft.  This week, the frogs have been calling and it amazes me how many there must be.  I am really looking forward to the family taking Jorunn on a hike to hear them.  Being from Norway, she has never seen frog eggs or heard them calling.  It has been very eye opening to interact with her and learn how different our countries are.  The things that we are accustomed to are unusual, but the reverse it true as well, of course.  Last week was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and this week we watched 2 Dr. Seuss shows.  I was amazed to learn she had never heard of Dr. Seuss.  BUT, I had never stopped to think that I had never heard of the authors she mentioned, either.  Ah.  Point of view.
So the school had the annual health fair this week.  Several students from State College High School  shared their experiences with diabetes with the middle school kids.  Most of the high school kids are, themselves, diabetics.  We also began the process of getting kids involved in organizing a school walk to raise funds for JDRF.  It has been a challenge because of the immense amount of attention given to THON.  The THON events began in September, and continue through the PFMS mini-thon in April.  There are several kids who have been touched personally and so want to make the event a success.  I want to help them reach the goals that they have to help provide a better lifestyle for those with diabetes, and eventually to find a cure.

 Next weekend is the Egg Hill Run in Spring Mills.  What a nice event.  Really well organized, a great time of day, and wonderful people (especially the Bastress clan).  Hope to see some of you there!

Thanks to Carter and Ruby for their generous donation to JDRF.  Not only are they great people, but they are awesome dance instructors!  Molly and I have been learning from them.  We've gotten into the waltz, cha-cha, foxtrot, rumba.  We've gotten much more comfortable on the dance floor and I can't wait to take my wife out for a night of dancing, although I plan on it being out of town where we won't be known :)

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