Sunday, March 25, 2012

Egg Hill and Tradition

First, what a great guy Joel is.  He noticed that the results were off for his team's classification and he went directly to the timers and asked them to correct the results.  Yes, I know, he said that it was the truth so no big deal.  Trust me.  Honesty and integrity are NEVER no big deal.  Thanks, Joel and Nick.  You truly have started "The Other Tradition".

I loved, as usual, the Egg Hill Run today.  What a wonderful group of people, and the Penn's Valley track team is a great group to benefit.  It was great to see the kids out there cheering on all of the runners. 

I'm not going to mince words.  Give to JDRF.  Now.  Today.  please !

I am really looking forward to Ridgway and doing the event with Bruce.  I am hoping for less water on the river and a more comfortable water level.  I will never do this event the same way after last year.  Praise God that Pat made it through.

I've got Sheetz coupon books on the way.  What an awesome deal for the buyer, and a great way to bring money to JDRF.

Thanks so much!

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