Thursday, January 13, 2011

100K Closer to a Cure

At the State College Walk meeting last week, we had great discussion about last year's successes, and the great opportunities for this year.  I opened up the floor to suggestions for the format of my efforts this year. Many ideas bounced around and the one that seemed to take hold was for me to do a 100K (100 kilometers) this year.

I like this idea, not so much because it requires me to go less distance, but because it really is based on the amount raised last year.  100K is 62 miles.  Last year, the walk raised $62, 000 for JDRF.  Pretty cool the way that works out.  I might even say that next year's run will be based on the total raised this year.  One mile for every thousand dollars raised!  I know the danger here, but in support of research to find a cure, I a m willing to risk having to go further than ever before.  I would absolutely LOVE to have to do over 100 miles again because $100,000 had been raised.

So, the challenge is made.  I will do a mile next year for every thousand dollars raised this year at the State College Walk May 21.

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